My work investigates light as the translational medium for our experience of the world . Using an intuitive qualitative methodology of science naturally employed by people and animals,  I design brief experiments to explore the metaphysics of perception. It is a process driven by curiosity and wonder.  Like a baby might probe gravity by dropping something from their high chair, I conduct tests and divine results from direct experience, leaving data largely unharvested.

  I am inspired by fleeting interactions with the natural world that often seem almost magical. The seed of the dandelion that seems to defy gravity as it floats or the time dilation that can turn hours to minutes or minutes to hours. In these encounters with wonder, I am made aware of my failure to perceive.

  Failures like these generate knowledge. By testing the failure of perception with the pieces I make, something of how it actually works is learned. I want to understand what happens when we can’t see what we are certain is there in front of us. What does this reveal about our perceptual abilities and capacity to know?